Illumination EP

by Sub-Versatile




This EP focuses on the very foundation of existence, which is based in duality and contradiction. As above, so below... As within, so without. All is One and One is All.


released 30 June 2013

Cover art designed by Sub-Versatile
All tracks written and produced by Sub-Versatile



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Illumination
Lucifer the immaculate shine upon thy world, glisten your holy aura for it is a glowing pearl//
Only the foolish will oppose the sanctified light, knowledge is the key to obtaining your insight//
Let your mind flow as it resonates in his aura, meditate with him so you can control all elements like Korra//
Do not fear the light for it is your destiny, using your Mind's Eye you'll realize the integrity//

The integrity of all that exists in this abyss, existence is nothing more than the duality of our fists//
Yin & Yang oppose but yet they work in conjunction, two & two are one and by now you should know this binary function//
Dark & Light, Wrong & Right, Dim & Bright, all polarities in the universe are bound inspite//
In essence contradiction is what holds them all together, just as a rainy storm the sun glows and contrasts the weather//

Lucifer is the revealing Light and Satan is the blinding Darkness, you must choose if you want to elevate or become a decaying carcass//
Understanding contradiction allows you to be emancipated, Why should I fear the darkness for I've been illuminated...?
Track Name: Godhead
In this endless existence of never ending conundrums and paradoxes, we embark on a journey of descent from the Primordial source to the physical. In the physical realm we must grow, gain knowledge, procreate then die so that we may return home, ascend back to the ever abundant intangible presence.. The everlasting intangible presence which is God's mind. God's mind is existence itself, everything is existence and nothingness is before existence. Nothingness is also Everything... and Everything is also Nothingness.

From One single point... All came to be.

All is One, & One is All.